ROC & Roll (Out)

You know how they have that saying that Art is supposed to imitate Life? Well, boys & girls, I’m here to tell you that it’s really the other way around. Case in point: Dame Dash’s first foray into movie directing “Death of a Dynasty” distrubted thru Independant film company TLA and produced by Dash’s company Dash Films. The movie was shot about a year and a half ago and takes a satirical look into the world of Hip-Hop. With larger than life performances from actors portraying Dame Dash, Jay-Z and others from the Rocafella camp, the movie details the break up of the partnership of Dash and Jay thru the eyes of a White reporter trying to break into the often guarded world which is Hip-Hop. Dash as well as Jay-Z both make cameos in the movie with other performance by Devon Aoki (2Fast, 2Furious), Nore and others.

In most other instances, this movie wouldn’t be much to get charged over; Sure, the movie is funny and it does make some poignant analysis about the way the movers and shakers in Hip-Hop percieve themselves and how we, the fans, percieve them. But let’s be real: A little over a year and a half later after the movie was filmed, edited in Post Production and given to PR companies to hype up, Jay-Z and Dame Dash really did break up. Which kinda leads to a question? What’s Dames’ reasoning for wanting to put out the movie now? I’m sure he knows that because of some the scenes that were filmed, the movie will do nothing, but fan the flames of the endless specualtion on why they really broke up. There is a scene in the movie in which “Dame” gets into a heated argument with “Jay” over a girl portrayed by the aforementioned Devon Aoki. Makes you go Hmmmm? There is also another scene in the movie in which “Jay” tells the reporter that “Dame” is jealous of him and wants to be in the spotlight himself. Hmmmmm? I know that Dame wrote and produced the film himself and that Jay openly participated in the project, but one starts to wonder, is Life now imitating Art? Holla back and let a brotha know somethin…….

If you’d like to see the trailer for the movie, just here:

Quicktime Player Ver

Windows Media Ver


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