To Blog or Not To Blog……

Ok, well, I’m finally getting my slow as a turtle laptop configured. Actually, she would probably be a lot faster if I just go on ahead and get some more RAM for it. Being in school sucks. I mean yeah sure, I’m definitely learning some great things, but I’m not making any type of real money right now. Yeah, yeah money doesn’t mean much, but when you’ve got rent, electric, food, phone, internet and laundry, that money starts pileing up. Whatever. Back to my reason for blogging in the first place.

Like I said, I’ve been getting my laptop together…she’s a Pentium III ThinkPad 600X. I’m running WinXP until I can afford to buy a used iBook. I actually prefer using my iMac at home, but when I’m out or at school, the laptop gets me by. I’ve been spending the past few days getting programs configured so that I can work seamlessly between travel/school and home. At the house I’ve got NetNewsWire as my RSS reader of choice;On the laptop sits FeedDemon and I keep both synced using NewsGator. Maverlous invention, the internet, lol! My blog editor of choice on the laptop is wblogger;I’m actually new to using this app, but so far so good. On the Mac, I have been trying to use ecto, but I’ve been having the damdest time trying to get it configured to work with Blogger. As I understand it from the ecto forums, theres a bug in the Blogger APIs and until Google’s programmers fix it, people who want to use ecto with Blogger will have to resort to workarounds. Unfortunately for me those workarounds don’t seem to be working. I think though that I’m just gonna have to go all in and buy Ranchero’s MarsEdit editor that way I can blog seamlessly no matter where I’m at. By the way, if anybody spots any good deals on a used iBook G3 or G4, shoot me a line.


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