All Together Now….again!

Ok, finally got my home/mobile office set-up all synchronized. Remember when I said that I had problems getting Ecto to work with Blogger? Never could get it to work. So I broke down and (happily) picked up MarsEdit. If you use a Mac and you blog regularly, I definitely recommend picking this and NetNewsWire up. Perfect combination, plus it synched up with my Blogger account the first time out, so it gets a double toast of vodka and O.J. from me. Like I said before, on the Laptop I have FeedDemon and w.blogger holding me down and the glue is….Bloglines. Huh? I thought you said you were using NewsGator? Well I was, but the guys at Ranchero haven’t added syncing with NewsGator accounts yet, so I’m using Bloglines. It’s cool, I hear in the forums that NewsGator syncing will be one of the new features that they’ll work on for NetNewsWire once they get done traveling across Europe (just playing guys…).

Smoke Signals…

Over at the SVN blog there are some great articles about companies who are only in the game to eventually sell out to other companies. Make sure you go and check it out!

Mac Styles

I found a great site where you can mod your iBook;I know I’m probably late in finding out about this site, but I wanted to pass it on anyway. Hope they’re still around in a couple months when I pick up my iBook……. Well, I guess that it’s for now. L8tr!


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