Real Hip-Hop……

The other day I was at school ranting to one of my classmates about how much Hip-Hop culture and rap music has changed. I was telling him that while I do listen to Lil Wayne, Cassidy, Freeway and G-Unit, etc, I was missing the music that i grew up with: Public Enemy, KRS-ONE and Boogie Down Productions, Poor Righteous Teachers, X-Clan, KMD, Just-Ice and Brand Nubian (A Tribe Called Quest, Latifah, Special Ed and De La Soul also get much love and respect!). Then lo and behold today while surfing around Blogger I found a link to D-Nice’s website. Yes sir! The legendary D-Nice from Stop The Violence/Boogie Down Productions fame. Man that was my dude back in the day (I’m really starting to show my 31 years on Earth now…). He’s one of the reasons that I started rapping/DJ’ing back day. Anyway, he’s got this really great article about the Fresh Fest 2005 show (the Fresh Fest is a whole ‘nother post entirely!). I was going to reprint the article, but it looked jankie on my page. So here’s a link to it.


  • Monie Love is still FINE in a mutha!
  • Brucie B must have been 8 when he started rapping because he don’t look a day over 26!
  • Just-Ice should drop another CD just because.
  • So should Nice-and-Smooth

I think I’mma have to try to find that Stop The Violence video now…..


3 Responses to Real Hip-Hop……


    Why are you in my head?! I just downloaded a bunch of REAL HIP HOP tunes from back in the day:

    Boogie Down: T’cha T’cha
    Masta Ace: Me & the Biz & Symphony pt.1

    Steady B:Serious

    3 times Dope..To name a few.

    Whatever happened to Ed OG & the Bulldogs?!!!

    Oh, don’t get my on my hip hop is dead we need to bring back the real hip hop soapbox!!!!!! Like this post.

  2. nikki says:

    that site brought back so many memories! meanwhile, where was d-nice??? did i miss him or something?

  3. nikki says:

    neva mind. i found him. he still looks the same! only without the box fade.

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