Diggin’ in the Crates…..

I found a new blog buddy tonight: Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Cat. She had a post from earlier in the week in which she was talking about songs to add to her iTunes/iPod. So that got me diggin’ into the crates and what I found was this:

“My Heart Belongs to U” by Jodeci. Take a listen and reminiece with me…

You will need the Flash Player 7 plug-in in order to listen. Please download if you do not have it installed.


5 Responses to Diggin’ in the Crates…..

  1. Ladynay says:

    Thanks for coming to see me. I actually have that album on tape somewhere! LOL You gonna make me go look for it!

  2. nikki says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! that song brings back soooooo many memories. in fact, that entire cd is now all up in my mind. aaaah, the memories! thanks for that!

  3. nikki says:

    okay, i just played that song like five times straight. LOL

  4. Viperteq says:

    No prob lasies. I’ll probably start posting a song once a week to keep the crates from getting too dusty!

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