OH MY GOD: Part 2

Man it’s hard being me. What are you talking about? Being me: it’s damn hard. Are you poor? Kinda. School loans be damned! Are you homeless? Not hardly. Hungry? Nope, just ate a big plate of Pasta. Then what’s the problem? Well I’m Black. That comes with it’s own set of problems straight from birth. But more specifically, I’m a Black Geek. Being a geek really just compounds the problems that are already apparent in being a Black man in America. Does that mean that I don’t want to be Black anymore? Of course not. I couldn’t change my culture even if I wanted to and trust: I DON”T WANT TO. But being a Black geek means something more entirely that just being Black. For one, a geek is not your average gadget person that just wants what ever happens to be the cool object of the moment. We eat, sleep and shit technology. When you’re thinking about how to pay for those Manolo Blahnik boots you saw, I’m thinking about how I can get my hands on the new Apple Mac Book Pro. While you’re thinking about working out so you can try out for the basketball team, I’m trying to figure out why the code for my software program won’t compile correctly. When you refer to a foreign language, it’s usually French or Spanish, but when I refer to a foreign language it’s usually (X)HTML, CSS or Objective C. You’re inspiration is Oprah Winfrey or Michael Jordan. My inspirations are Benjamin Banneker, Tim Berners-Lee and Steve Jobs. I’m the type of guy that gets giddy whenever a new piece of technology hits the market. Case in point: I found a new Web Application today called feedlounge.

feedlounge is a web based RSS reader like NewsGator or Bloglines. But what makes feedlounge so different is that it is the first Web Application created that looks and behaves like a native desktop application created by Apple. On top of that, the basic package for feedlounge only costs $5 USD per month. Seriously? $5? What’s fuckin’ with that? Nothing right now, but it’s just goes to show what we can do with technology. The lines between the Desktop and the Internet are slowly becoming one singularity.

Ok, forget all this technobabel that you’re throwing around. What are you really saying? That it’s damn hard to be me. Why? Because when you meet a person like me you choose to distance yourself from me based on our differences instead of getting to know me based on our commonalities. You see, even though I’m a geek, I’m no different than you. I love Italian, Brazilian and Moroccan foods just like you. I appreciate Yves Saint-Laurent accessories just like you. I was pissed when the Steelers made it into the Super Bowl just like you. I was amazed that Kobe could drop 81 points in a single game just like you. I miss Aaliyah just like you. I am human just like you. So the next time you meet a Black geek like me take some time to get to know them. You just might be pleasantly surprised…..


One Response to OH MY GOD: Part 2

  1. Nia says:

    For a second I thought you said black greek…and I was sitting here wondering why the heck it was so hard being a frat boy. LOL But now I’m with you and I feel you completely. If you were a black woman geek (like me) you’d have ten times more problems because you’d buy the monolos and the apple.

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