January 27, 2006

Ok, so I’m testing out this new blog editor Qumana; w.blogger just wasn’t working out for me. I always had trouble connecting to my Blogger account and whenever I tried to look for solutions I could never find anything. It’s cool though. You just move on to the next one. Anyway, I found Qumana while searching around Google and so far it looks ok. It’s not slow like w.blogger was and it’s most¬†definitely nicer looking (I’m a sucker for eye candy….one of the reasons why I love OS X). If you’re reading this then everything posted as it should. Now I’m going to play around with Google’s Hello for a minute, see what that’s all about. Later……
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All Together Now….again!

January 22, 2006

Ok, finally got my home/mobile office set-up all synchronized. Remember when I said that I had problems getting Ecto to work with Blogger? Never could get it to work. So I broke down and (happily) picked up MarsEdit. If you use a Mac and you blog regularly, I definitely recommend picking this and NetNewsWire up. Perfect combination, plus it synched up with my Blogger account the first time out, so it gets a double toast of vodka and O.J. from me. Like I said before, on the Laptop I have FeedDemon and w.blogger holding me down and the glue is….Bloglines. Huh? I thought you said you were using NewsGator? Well I was, but the guys at Ranchero haven’t added syncing with NewsGator accounts yet, so I’m using Bloglines. It’s cool, I hear in the forums that NewsGator syncing will be one of the new features that they’ll work on for NetNewsWire once they get done traveling across Europe (just playing guys…).

Smoke Signals…

Over at the SVN blog there are some great articles about companies who are only in the game to eventually sell out to other companies. Make sure you go and check it out!

Mac Styles

I found a great site where you can mod your iBook;I know I’m probably late in finding out about this site, but I wanted to pass it on anyway. Hope they’re still around in a couple months when I pick up my iBook……. Well, I guess that it’s for now. L8tr!

To Blog or Not To Blog……

January 20, 2006

Ok, well, I’m finally getting my slow as a turtle laptop configured. Actually, she would probably be a lot faster if I just go on ahead and get some more RAM for it. Being in school sucks. I mean yeah sure, I’m definitely learning some great things, but I’m not making any type of real money right now. Yeah, yeah money doesn’t mean much, but when you’ve got rent, electric, food, phone, internet and laundry, that money starts pileing up. Whatever. Back to my reason for blogging in the first place.

Like I said, I’ve been getting my laptop together…she’s a Pentium III ThinkPad 600X. I’m running WinXP until I can afford to buy a used iBook. I actually prefer using my iMac at home, but when I’m out or at school, the laptop gets me by. I’ve been spending the past few days getting programs configured so that I can work seamlessly between travel/school and home. At the house I’ve got NetNewsWire as my RSS reader of choice;On the laptop sits FeedDemon and I keep both synced using NewsGator. Maverlous invention, the internet, lol! My blog editor of choice on the laptop is wblogger;I’m actually new to using this app, but so far so good. On the Mac, I have been trying to use ecto, but I’ve been having the damdest time trying to get it configured to work with Blogger. As I understand it from the ecto forums, theres a bug in the Blogger APIs and until Google’s programmers fix it, people who want to use ecto with Blogger will have to resort to workarounds. Unfortunately for me those workarounds don’t seem to be working. I think though that I’m just gonna have to go all in and buy Ranchero’s MarsEdit editor that way I can blog seamlessly no matter where I’m at. By the way, if anybody spots any good deals on a used iBook G3 or G4, shoot me a line.

Can I use your feed?

January 20, 2006

A few days ago, Mike Rundle over at BusinessLogs wrote a short post about sites that re-aggregate RSS/Atom feeds for their own personal use. Well apparently that post created a bit of a tizy around the Net, so he has officially responded with this post. Check it out and weigh in on how you feel about it.

Jabber, Jabber, Jabber……

January 20, 2006

Drunkenbatman has posted a really interesting article in which he explains what Jabber is. For those that don’t know what Jabber is or if you just want to know why a man would call himself Drukenbatman, you can read up on it HERE.

Quite a bit to go.

January 20, 2006

I realised something this morning (it’s about 2:40am here). I have so much further to go in my journey as a programmer. What brought this epiphany you say? Spending the past hour trying to configure Ecto to allow me to post to my Blogger account. No matter what I do, I just can’t get it to function right. I’ve been all over the forums for Ecto and apparently there’s a bug somewhere in Atom API’s that Blogger uses. I have tried all of the ‘hacks’ that are listed on the forums, but no go for me. But clearly, the hacks work or else they wouldn’t have been posted. So what does that say? Must be an error on my end. Gasp! Sacre bleu! How can that be, an error on your end? Blasphemy! Yeah, yeah, I know a little over the top. But I’m the type of person that has no problem admitting when I’m wrong or that I made a mistake. That rarely happens, but when it does, I make amends, lol!

So what to do, what to do? Well, I’ve left a post on the Ecto forums asking a for a little assistance and now, all I can do is wait. But the larger issue for me now is the revelation that I have so much more to learn when it comes to programming. In my quest to enable posting to my blog thru Ecto, I started reading the API documentation from Blogger. Zip! Over my head. I mean REALLY over my head. I’m a fairly intelligent guy, but I must have missed class the day they were going over this stuff. I haven’t even started learning Obj-C/Cocoa yet, but I can kinda piece my way thru most things. I mean, it’s not like I would’ve been able to really change anything…the API’s are meant for implementation by Application developers. But it would’ve been nice to really be able to understand the information that I was looking thru. It’s cool though, I’m ready for the challenges ahead.

Now for all of you out there that are saying, “Why don’t you just use Movable Type or WordPress?”, I’ve actually been considering it. I’m leaning a little bit more towards WordPress. I’ve heard some good things about Movable Type/Typepad, but I already pay a butt load of money for the hosting of my business site…the Movable Type price tag seems kinda steep. There is an option where I could publish my Blogger pages to my web server, but I’m not sure if I could post to it thru Ecto. Man If I can’t get this working, I might have to switch to MarsEdit…..

Til Next time….. Viperteq