Are you a N.E.R.D.?

February 1, 2006

All of my fellow N.E.R.D. fans: Pharrell’s new video Angel is available for viewing here.


Diggin’ in the Crates…..

January 31, 2006

I found a new blog buddy tonight: Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Cat. She had a post from earlier in the week in which she was talking about songs to add to her iTunes/iPod. So that got me diggin’ into the crates and what I found was this:

“My Heart Belongs to U” by Jodeci. Take a listen and reminiece with me…

You will need the Flash Player 7 plug-in in order to listen. Please download if you do not have it installed.


January 28, 2006

This one right here takes me back to the time when I started studying the Ansaaru Allah. Man that was BACK DAY! Much Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding was gained during this time in my life. See if you can pick out the Ansaaru flag in the clip. Walk with me…..

EDIT: Removed the video because WMP is just damn weird!

Real Hip-Hop……

January 28, 2006

The other day I was at school ranting to one of my classmates about how much Hip-Hop culture and rap music has changed. I was telling him that while I do listen to Lil Wayne, Cassidy, Freeway and G-Unit, etc, I was missing the music that i grew up with: Public Enemy, KRS-ONE and Boogie Down Productions, Poor Righteous Teachers, X-Clan, KMD, Just-Ice and Brand Nubian (A Tribe Called Quest, Latifah, Special Ed and De La Soul also get much love and respect!). Then lo and behold today while surfing around Blogger I found a link to D-Nice’s website. Yes sir! The legendary D-Nice from Stop The Violence/Boogie Down Productions fame. Man that was my dude back in the day (I’m really starting to show my 31 years on Earth now…). He’s one of the reasons that I started rapping/DJ’ing back day. Anyway, he’s got this really great article about the Fresh Fest 2005 show (the Fresh Fest is a whole ‘nother post entirely!). I was going to reprint the article, but it looked jankie on my page. So here’s a link to it.


  • Monie Love is still FINE in a mutha!
  • Brucie B must have been 8 when he started rapping because he don’t look a day over 26!
  • Just-Ice should drop another CD just because.
  • So should Nice-and-Smooth

I think I’mma have to try to find that Stop The Violence video now…..