All Aboard!!

January 31, 2006

While I am in school currently for Computer Programming, a lot of the knowledge that I have attained has been largely self-taught. Lately, I found myself wanting to explore more programming options than just (X)HTML and CSS. Due to the large problems that I’ve had lately with Web Applications like Bloglines and Newsgator, I think that I want to get into developing Web Applications myself. I originally started down this path with Macromedia’s Flash program and learning ActionScript. But with the recent merger between Macromedia and Adobe I am starting to question Adobe’s dedication to the continued development of Flash/ActionScript. Therefor, I have started researching new options in Web Application development and the frameworks that they offer.

Now there is Struts, developed by the Apache Foundation as a loose cousin to Jave Web Apps. You also have Spring and Zope. In addition, you have the newer frameworks of Django, Dojo and Mochkit. But the one that I keep hearing more and more of is Ruby On Rails.

Now I haven’t even begun to start learning the code or playing around with it yet, but there are some good examples of what developers are doing with the frameworks now. And I also found an article which gives a down-to-earth explanation of the technology. Anyone interested in going beyond basic (X)HTML and CSS programming should give it a read. In the meantime, I’ve gotta get back to getting the hang of this Object Oriented thing…..


Quite a bit to go.

January 20, 2006

I realised something this morning (it’s about 2:40am here). I have so much further to go in my journey as a programmer. What brought this epiphany you say? Spending the past hour trying to configure Ecto to allow me to post to my Blogger account. No matter what I do, I just can’t get it to function right. I’ve been all over the forums for Ecto and apparently there’s a bug somewhere in Atom API’s that Blogger uses. I have tried all of the ‘hacks’ that are listed on the forums, but no go for me. But clearly, the hacks work or else they wouldn’t have been posted. So what does that say? Must be an error on my end. Gasp! Sacre bleu! How can that be, an error on your end? Blasphemy! Yeah, yeah, I know a little over the top. But I’m the type of person that has no problem admitting when I’m wrong or that I made a mistake. That rarely happens, but when it does, I make amends, lol!

So what to do, what to do? Well, I’ve left a post on the Ecto forums asking a for a little assistance and now, all I can do is wait. But the larger issue for me now is the revelation that I have so much more to learn when it comes to programming. In my quest to enable posting to my blog thru Ecto, I started reading the API documentation from Blogger. Zip! Over my head. I mean REALLY over my head. I’m a fairly intelligent guy, but I must have missed class the day they were going over this stuff. I haven’t even started learning Obj-C/Cocoa yet, but I can kinda piece my way thru most things. I mean, it’s not like I would’ve been able to really change anything…the API’s are meant for implementation by Application developers. But it would’ve been nice to really be able to understand the information that I was looking thru. It’s cool though, I’m ready for the challenges ahead.

Now for all of you out there that are saying, “Why don’t you just use Movable Type or WordPress?”, I’ve actually been considering it. I’m leaning a little bit more towards WordPress. I’ve heard some good things about Movable Type/Typepad, but I already pay a butt load of money for the hosting of my business site…the Movable Type price tag seems kinda steep. There is an option where I could publish my Blogger pages to my web server, but I’m not sure if I could post to it thru Ecto. Man If I can’t get this working, I might have to switch to MarsEdit…..

Til Next time….. Viperteq